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Class of 2022

Logan Morris is a young music educator who is native to Arkansas and currently residing in Fayetteville, AR. He is a senior music education major at the University of Arkansas currently completing his final degree requirements and writing his honor’s thesis on gender and musical instruments. While his concentration over the past several years has been excelling within his degree program, he has pursued music education through the marching arts and the study of yoga.  

The marching arts have always been at the forefront of Logan’s musical experiences. He started his career with his high school on the mellophone, before going on to be the drum major of his program for the next three years. He followed a similar pattern in college where he marched two years with the Razorback Marching Band before moving into his current role as one of the Razorback Drum Majors. In addition to his experiences with the marching arts through public education, he has experiences in Winter Guard International and Drum Corps International. He eventually ended his performing marching career with the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps. He has also worked as a marching arts technician in the Northeast Arkansas Region for both general performers and drum majors.  

Although he has a great passion for the marching arts, his musical experiences are not strictly limited to the outdoor setting. He has participated in a large ensemble every semester of his degree program, five semesters with the University of Arkansas Wind Symphony and two semesters with the University of Arkansas Wind Ensemble. Additionally, he has played with the University of Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, the University of Arkansas Inspirational Chorale, the University of Arkansas Horn Choir, and most recently a student wind quintet that he founded. 

Outside of his formal studies to be a music educator, Logan studies yoga and has obtained his 200 hr Yoga Teacher License. He utilizes his knowledge of breathing and physiology from his studies as a musician in conjunction with that knowledge as a yoga instructor to provide a music education that focuses on the physical experience of being a performer in order to develop proficiency.  

Logan Morris: Bio
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