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Class of 2025

Macy James is a hard-working and energetic hornist with a love for music and a passion for teaching and learning. As a blind musician, her goal is to make the world of music more accessible for others with visual impairments. She has worked with band directors and members of the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association to create accommodations for blind students in all-region and all-state competitions in Arkansas, and she hopes to continue this work in her career as a music educator.

Macy has been teaching music, technology, and academic skills since her Freshman year of high school. She has given French horn and ukulele lessons to students ranging from second to tenth grade. While teaching music, she focuses on building confidence in her students and doing her best to make music fun and engaging for each at their own level. In addition to her normal music lessons, Macy has taught braille music to several blind students in Arkansas. She also teaches technology skills and academic success strategies to students with visual impairments. To reach a wider audience, Macy also creates virtual content for visually impaired students and their teachers through Challenge Solutions, a program sponsored by the Arkansas Division of Services for the Blind. She uses these platforms to encourage success and independence for blind and sighted students of all ages.

Since joining the Calico Rock High School Band in the seventh grade, Macy has played in all region ensembles, the ASBA All-Star Honor Band, and the Mountain Home Community Symphony. She has earned superior ratings at solo and ensemble for band and choir and has performed at several community events. Now, she plays mellophone in the Razorback Marching Band and plans on joining more university-led ensembles in the spring.

Macy’s main goal is to create a musical environment where students are equal in skills, resources, and opportunities. She hopes to create accessible band camps, auditions, and classrooms for blind musicians around the country and the world. While at the University of Arkansas, Macy hopes to gain the knowledge and skills that will help her accomplish these goals. Through study, practice, internships, and undergrad research, she hopes to become the best music educator that she can be, to make a difference in the lives of her students and peers, and to change the world of music.

Macy James: Bio
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